A "love" laser cut label from a laserply hobbyist using Australian plywood supplier Plyco's 12mm Birch Laserply
A "love" laser cut label from a laserply hobbyist using Australian plywood supplier Plyco's 12mm Birch Laserply

Laser Plywood

Our famous range of specialist panels available for precision laser cutting, engraving and pyrography, all pressed onto a premium plywood core!

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What is Laserply?

Laserply is named due to its ideal qualities for use in laser cutting, etching and engraving. To cut cleanly with a laser you need a product with a suitable glue, as the wrong glue will burn or not cut at all.

The absence of core gaps is required for laser cutting too, as having core gaps present can leave air bubbles and will lead to the wood cracking when cut, while it’s also necessary to have a product of suitable density. Our Laser Plywood range covers all these bases.

Photo: Bunnies & Bee.

Baby Name Plaques from Bunnies & Bee using local plywood supplier Plyco's 3mm Poplar Laserply
Interactive wedding invitations from The Laser Cutting Studio using Hoop Pine

Laserply Applications

When it comes to Laser Plywood Craft Packs, Plyco has several different varieties: American Walnut, Bamboo Carbonised, Birch, Eucalypt, Hoop Pine, Poplar and Radiata.

All of our Laserply range have been manufactured from selected timber species and grades that, when combined with special adhesives, produce a grade of plywood perfectly suited to laser cutting and engraving. This makes it the perfect product for anyone looking to make jewellery, key tags, handicrafts or bespoke invitations. 

Photo: The Laser Cutting Studio

New Products For Laser Cutting

If you're an existing Plyco Laserply customer and feel like exploring some new products with a different core, you're in the right place!

For more laser cutting options, be sure to see our MDF-based Micropanels and engineered poplar-based Legnoply.

Image: All My Loki

Adorable puppy announcements, milestones and gifts using Plyco's Beech Laserply from All My Loki

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