BB Gaboon Exterior Plywood


Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm
Thickness: 4mm

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BB Gaboon Exterior Plywood is available from May 2022!

Gaboon Plywood is a remarkably durable, lightweight hardwood species tailored for boatbuilding and marine applications. Hailing from sustainably grown West African plantations, this premium plywood panel is proudly FSC Certified and is available in thicknesses ranging from 4mm - 25mm.

Featuring an identical construction and glue line as our Gaboon Marine Plywood, Gaboon BB Exterior Plywood features marginally thinner face and back veneers (0.8mm when compared to 1.2mm). Less suited for marine applications than Gaboon Marine which boasts a British Standard specification, this product is a superior choice to our Hardwood Exterior Plywood.

Face Grade: B Face / B Back
Standard: EN/314
Bond: Exterior
Stress Grade: No Stress Rating
Applications: Boat building, lightweight joinery, wall and ceiling lining
Certification: FSC Certified
Emissions: E1


Cutting & Edging

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